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Did you know? 70% of people will need some type of long term care. Dont bet everything on being in the other 30%…

Quality Coverage Made Easy 

Using our exclusive process, we guide you through an easy and secure 3-step process to identify and pre-qualify you for the policy that best matches your personal needs. Each step can be completed online, at a time that is most convenient for you.

Our Featured Products

MoneyGuard III

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  • $270 Billion in Revenues

CareMatters 2

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  • Fortune 100 Company

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  • Financial Strength Rating: A+ (AM Best)

  • 30+ Years Offering LTC Products

  • $83B in Combined Assets


  • Financial Strength Rating: A+ (AM Best)

  • 5th Highest Comdex Rating

  • 8th Largest Insurance Company in the nation

What is Long Term Care?

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, Long Term Care includes any treatment or service over a period of time that is necessary to assist with a variety of daily functions, including transportation needs, housework and errands, as well as feeding, dressing and nursing support, either at home or in a care facility.

Understanding Long Term Care

Long Term Care insurance is designed to cover services needed over an extended period of time, not normally covered by traditional health insurance or Medicare. Without proper coverage, these services can take a big toll on you and your loved ones, both financially and emotionally.

Having proper plans and coverage in place BEFORE something happens can provide great peace of mind knowing that you won’t leave your spouse or children in financial difficulty. To learn more about Long Term Care Insurance, we’ve answered the five most common questions for you HERE…

  • Do I Need It?

  • When Do I Need It?

  • What Does It Cover?

  • How Much Does It Cost?

  • Do I Qualify?

Who Do I Purchase A Long Term Care Policy For?

  • Myself and/or My Spouse
  • My Parents or Loved Ones
  • My Company or Employees

Read More HERE

Our Number One Recommendation?

Have Plan in Place to Protect Your Family BEFORE Something Happens 

Do I Qualify?

There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration to determine your coverage eligibility, including age, health conditions and various personal behaviors. You can always feel good knowing that our client care team will work diligently to identify a solution that works for you. If neither of our featured products are a fit, we can offer a variety of alternative products that include annuities and other Life-related products that carry long term care riders.

News & Resources

“If I would have known how easy this process could be, I would have done this for my family years ago.

Josh G. Tampa, FL

“1 in 4 adults who are 45 years old or older are financially unprepared for long-term care expenses.” – AARP


“This was so much quicker and easier than I ever thought possible, and I ended up with a policy that provides me with better coverage than I had before, at a lower price.” – W.F.S


“13% of adults will pay up to $150,000 in lifetime long-term care expenses out of their own pocket, 2018.” – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


“1 in 4 adults who are 45 years old or older who are financially unprepared for long-term care expenses.” – AARP


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